IPL spot-fixing: ‘What’s more important, the chair or franchise?’ SC to BCCI



The friction between Cricket Control Board president -in-exile Narayan-aswami Srinivasan  with Supreme Court on Monday gave its remark that no distinction could be made between the BCCI and the Indian Premier league. People who are in BCCI now own a team. Now it has a mutual benefit society and raises a conflict of Interests. President of BCCI has to run the show but you have a team, which raises questions, and it can’t be wished away,” the two-member bench of Justices T.S. Thakur and P.M. Kalifullah pointed out. The court’s remarks are significant since conflict of interest was not in the ambit of the court-appointed Mudgal Commission, the brief essentially being to go into spot-fixing and betting around the sixth edition of the IPL.  On Monday afternoon, the court said, “You can’t make a distinction between BCCI and IPL. IPL is a byproduct of BCCI.” It did not buy the BCCI argument that the IPL was a distinct entity and had its own governing body, pointing out that the IPL governing council was a sub-committee of the BCCI. There was more in store for Mr Srinivasan, who had moved the court to be allowed to resume functioning as BCCI president. “You are only assuming you got a clean chit. You can’t use BCCI rules to say that you will stand for elections, because the doctrine of public trust will apply,” the bench said.