IPP leader Shah says BJP won by ensuring polarisation of votes


I.P.P president Aqib Shah has congratulated the newly formed government at the centre and has suggested a rational approach to the Narendra Modi led new regime. In an official statement, Shah has said that B.J.P has successfully formed a democratic government via undemocratic approach which included religion-based provocation and communal polarisation accross the country.

Shah also said that BJP has turned out to be the lone benefeciary of an anti-congress wave which undoubtedly existed in the whole nation due to an exaggerated mis-governance and mal-functioning of U.P.A led government. He said that it is easy to talk, claim, and promise from the podiums during campaigns but the circumstances turn the tables over in a rapid reflex when one gets to the helm of affairs. Shah said that Narendra Modi will firstly have to learn and rehearse governance of the central parlance before he could actually go on and practise what he promised to the nation. Shah said that people like Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitley, Rajnath Singh and Ravi Shankar Prasad are incomparably senior to Modi with regard to their experience at the central level governance and Modi being an alien to the whole chapter of national politics will have to be tutored and mended by his cabinet colleagues in all the critical issues.

Shah also said that National Security Advisor, Intelligence beareau chief and Vice-Chairman of the planning commission will be some of the designations to be watched out for and a new entrant like Modi will have to work strictly if not under but through an advisory moniterance of these officials if he wants the things to get better by the time. Shah also asserted that the insertion of Dr. Jitendra Singh in to the MoS club is a sheer appeasement stunt by B.J.P to win over a fraction of votes from certain assembly segments of Jammu province in the upcoming assembly elections. He also said that Jammu and Kashmir has been wailing for a genuine political alternative since long and Indian People’s Party will surely fill up the vaccuum that has been created in the sphere of development by all the successive goverments. He requested the masses to join hands with I.P.P to drag the forces like N.C, P.D.P and Congress out from J&K politics. Shah also thanked the people of the state who have so far turned up in great numbers and stood firm for I.P.P in every regard.