IQ test – a prerequisite for marriage

When two people decide to get married, the most important thing is trust. But what can be expected if the groom and his family starts lying in the beginning itself. One such case was observed in Agra.

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In Manipuri area, Khushbu Saxena was about to get married to Omveer Singh. The groom’s family told that the boy is a graduate but the suspicion arose when the guy could not chant the mantras correctly.

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In order to expose the web of lies that those people have made, Khushbu asked the boy to dial a number from his phone but he could not do it. Later, she asked the groom’s family to take an IQ test of the guy in which she asked Omveer to count few coins and then asked him to use an app on her smart phone but he failed in both the tests.

Finally, Omveer said that it was due to the loud music that he could not understand the questions properly. Considering this, Khushbu agreed to ask few more questions. But to her utter surprise, he failed again.

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Khushbu got really upset with the whole situation and finally both the families discussed the issue and called off the wedding.



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