Are you irked with the traffic mess on Apsra Road too?



By Citizen Journalist Amaya

IMG_9914One of the most popular markets of Jammu the Apsra Road is also the busiest road in the region. The evenings are usually too crowded to park your vehicle anywhere on the road. Due to the mismanagement and wrong parking of vehicles, the traffic chaos is a daily botheration in the posh locality of Gandhi Nagar. The place lacks parking space and hence people park their vehicles as per their wishes and availability of space on the road. People care less about the flow of traffic on the road and park their vehicles without being bothered about the lack of space the road has.

IMG_9916These days as the winter sale is on in almost every showroom, the market is a major attraction for shoppers, which is creating a lot of traffic mess on the road. The main reason behind the traffic mess is space congestion and the lack of proper traffic mismanagement in the market. We barely see any traffic policeman in the market to check and manage the traffic and parking system. The traffic policemen are only active near Gole market and Last Morh but there is no check on the mismanagement of vehicles on the Apsra Road. The road is the busiest hub for shopping as all the big showrooms and malls have been established here and is hence one of the most popular markets of Jammu. Despite the restriction of traffic to one way during peak hour, the chaos prevails on the jam-packed road. The concerned authorities should arrange a spacious parking area near the road for the comfort of commuters, which will also help maintaining smooth traffic on the road.

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