Is Big B in support of cutting 2700 trees for Mumbai metro?


Mumbai: The ongoing construction of an underground Mumbai Metro project, stretching for 33.5 km under one of the world’s most congested coastal cities, has been hailed as an engineering marvel. Just a couple of weeks after Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis had praised Mumbaikars for taking in their stride the inconveniences caused by the project, thousands of citizens, including activists, actors and politicians, participated in mass protests held in the suburbs and the city’s iconic Marine Drive seafront.

Amitabh Bachchan supported the metro in a tweet on Tuesday. He recounted an anecdote and cited the metro as the fastest, convenient and most efficient means. This tweet from Big B is getting a negative response on social media. Users wrote that Amitabh is supporting the cutting of over 2700 trees in Aarey Colony for the Metro project.

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Aare Forest spread over 3200 acres in Goregaon, Mumbai is being removed for construction of metro car depot. Encroachment and construction work has already been done on 1000 acres of land. Out of the remaining 2200 acres, 90 acres will be built for the Culaba-Bandra-Seepz Metro-3. It is claimed that there are 3600 trees here. 2700 trees will be cut out of it for the metro project.

Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation said that 2700 trees will be cut for the metro in Aarey Forest. These trees absorb 64 tons of carbon dioxide throughout the year. While Metro-3 will do about 194 trips in 4 days. This will reduce 64 tons of carbon dioxide emissions these days. That is, the existing pollution will be reduced.