Is blaming Pakistan the real solution?



With the recent militant attacks in the state, there is a certain vague shift in the political discourse of the newly wedded PDP BJP alliance, which is still struggling to bridge the wide gap between the two. Instead of taking the traditional BJP route, the PDP resists to blame our neighbour friend Pakistan for the ill acts and proceeds with just a mellow warning of keeping the non-state actors in control. In the course if empathising with Pakistan, Sayeed has been raking up controversies as well as differences in the state.

Just a few weeks ago the twin attacks along the border areas in Jammu region shook the state and last week’s three attacks in four hours in the Kashmir region have added more worry to the kitty. While PDP is still adamant to withdraw AFSPA from the state, BJP is hesitant to agree amid the ongoing attacks in the state.

It is to be noted, similarly patterned attacks have occured in the region before. The stretch from Akhnoor to Hira Nagar in Kathua has been threatened before with such attacks as well. Numerous terrorist activities have taken place in this stretch for quite a long time. September 2013 witnessed an attack on a police station and an army camp, leaving 10 dead including four policemen and three soldiers. July 2003 observed an attack inside a brigade headquarters in Akhnoor.


Three attacks in four hours in Kashmir have again threatened the lives of people throughout the valley. The infiltration has been taking place along the tightly guarded internal border and the security forces have failed to resist these attacks many a time. Instead of blaming the neighbour country, more needs to be strengthened in our own land first. The security forces should implement the essential changes in the policy, taking necessary steps to prevent such intrusions in future. It is much easier to blame Pakistan for the ill attempts and get away with these attacks that have started happening on a quicker frequency now. The time has come to look inside now and realise that something is wrong with our security grid.

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