Is Digitalisation of Education Necessary?


India is a country where education is given a lot of importance by parents. Many students, however, aren’t able to cope with the pressure of competing in exams such as JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. Newer methods of learning are being invented to make it easier for students to keep up with the syllabus and to help them understand it better. The digitalisation of education is on the rise which helps the students understand the subjects better by visualising them rather than just imagine them. Visualisation of the teachings helps prevent the students from understanding the concepts wrong. The newer initiatives like ‘Digital India’ started by the government promotes the concept of digitalisation of education as well. Being able to learn digitally also helps students learn from experts.

The digitalisation of educational methods has also been a potential business sector. Many startups have taken this as an opportunity and started companies that aid students in their education while charging a reasonable fee. Few such companies that are not in the spotlight are –

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● EduRev
● iDream
● Elements Academia

EduRev – EduRev provides students with an online platform to access courses for free on their website. The website consists of various courses that teach students from 5th grade to higher business studies. All the students need in order to access the website is curiosity and willingness to learn. EduRev also provides free notes, lectures, ebooks, ppts to students interested in doing a last-minute revision as well. They also provide specific coaching on JEE Mains and JEE Advanced for free as well. EduRev not only has courses for children but also for elder people in various fields such as ‘marketing’ and ‘how to start up a company’.

iDream Education – iDream Education is an organisation that focuses on developing interactive teaching methods and skill-building in semi-urban parts of India which suffer extremely with the unavailability of these things. iDream provides preloaded tablets for students to watch and learn from. They are helping schools from lower economic areas to afford more technology-driven teaching methods. The lessons for students are already pre-loaded in the tablet and can be accessed without internet. iDream is recognised by Google as "Impacting Change Through Digital" and is recognised as ‘SMB Hero’ under Startup India initiative.

CueMath – CueMath is an organisation that focuses on after-school lessons to help students and teachers better understand maths as a subject. CueMath teams up with qualified women tutors who are homemakers. These homemakers are primarily qualified women who had to stop pursuing their career after marriage or due to some other situations. The students can get I touch with a private tutor who is available at a timeslot and clarify their doubts. Cuemath offers lessons to students from 1st grade to 10th grade. The curriculum of CueMath is designed by experts from IIT and Cambridge. They also have personalised learning for every student which gives individual focus to every student. This is a part of their personalised learning plan which is individually made for every student.