Is India ever going to learn from Pakistan’s history of taking constant betrayals?


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Pakistan has only one concern- ‪‎KASHMIR‬
Peace and friendship? History has already seen enough.

Just a day ahead of India-Pakistan’s joint statement encompassing the 26/11 Mumbai attacks trail, Zaki Ur Rehman Lakhvi’s lawyer refused to give the voice samples of his client.  Nawaz Sharif’s advisor Sartaj Aziz said that his government would not compromise on the country’s dignity and honor. He declared that no dialogue will take place unless the Kashmir issue is on the agenda. This U-turn made by our neighbor friend has much to teach Modi, for whom this may be new despite the fact the Pakistan has a history of reverting vows.

Pakistan’s policy of covert operations have always been intended to weaken India while simultaneously seeming to seek peace and durable friendship, as says the Pakistan’s former ambassador to United States, Hussain Haqqani.

From years, the country has denied the existence of terrorists on its soil. Each attack that India faces, Pakistan reasons it out by claiming that the elements are non state actors and the Pakistan state doesn’t support such acts or such miscreants.  After numerous attacks like on the Parliament, Mumbai blasts, Delhi blasts and Kargil war, our dossiers are returned only with statements claiming that the evidence is not sufficient and the matters are tossed away to begin anew every time, only to bear the same deception.

Apart from that, the hatred towards India is not only limited to the military establishment or the non-state elements as claimed by Pakistan. History has it, country’s two major Prime Ministers Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif have many a time displayed in their speeches a hostile attitude towards India despite forwarding a hand of friendship. Terrorist groups have been allowed openly to propagate the ideology of hate against India. Despite constant attempts of summit level talks and dialogue processes, nothing seems to have moved Pakistan to mend its ways. There have been constant attempts of sending trained terrorists of India and the country continues to host the anti India groups like Hizbul Mujahideen, Lashkar-e-Toiba, and Jaish-e-Muhammad.  The most recent report, for example, invites the  separatist leaders of Kashmir for Eid Milan by the Pak High Commission.  The mainstream leaders of Kashmir have left their tongues wagging for friendly talks and ties but Pakistan seems to give two hoots for them. They have been constantly ignored and so are the official talks that India presumes to be leading to a peaceful union of the two neighbours.

While dealing with Pakistan, India has only ended up burning its own fingers and Pakistan has left no attempt of betraying India. Giving peace a chance is fine but it is also to be learned that every time these talks  and friendship ties have been initiate, we have got nothing more than expected treachery.



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