Is Mufti just a pawn in the hands of Geelani cadre?


The State government’s decision to oppose the idea of satellite townships proposed by the Centre, comes directly from under the influence of the hardcore separatist forces existing in the valley. Directly or indirectly Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Geelani has been taming the political landscape of J&K from quite a long time and his influence in the valley or his threat, in other words, is likely to be the reason that Mufti took a U-turn on the proposed idea for KPs. The response of the Mufti led alliance has also triggered more controversies as the opposition leaders have been accusing the government of falling prey to the anti-national elements by succumbing to their threats and desires.  A strong reaction is being witnessed from the Opposition parties, especially pro-Jammu group as Geelani and other separatist leaders had been dictating their terms to the state government in policy decisions.

In 2011 as well, it was due to Geelani’s threats that the state government had withdrawn its decision of issuing certificate to the residents of Jammu as members of the Dogra ethnic group. The residents had demanded the certificate as it would have made it easier for them to join paramilitary forces.  But the opposition posited by Geelani and the then state government, under his influence, had withdrawn the decision, depriving people of the region of their right.

Now again the incumbent government is shifting the decision making as per the dictated terms of the Hurriyat hardliners. The ruling ministers are just playing pawns in the hands of anti-national separatist elements. Taking a U-turn on this decision, the government is just exposing the massive influence of Geelani and other separatist leaders in their decision making.

Just a few days back in Mufti’s meeting with Home Minister Rajnath Singh, an offer of 500 kanals for KPs was made and surprisingly Mufti has taken a complete U-Turn on the issue. Some leaders from the BJP too have expressed their resentment over the state government’s decision to succumb to the threats of anti-national forces.

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