Is No-Government situation, a Delhi’s Mindgame?


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Just days earlier, BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav had flown to srinagar and held talks with PDP Chief after what he had said that “both parties are positive” on continuing with the arrangement. Seems like Mehbooba Mufti is on a no go situation for the formation of government in the state.


Pakistan, which currently appears on the people’s mind in Delhi, is in a win – win situation.

Somebody from the PDP suggested that if Prime Minister Narendra Modi could take a visit to Lahore, why could he not do something equally magical for J&K? But from PDP accounts, the Prime Minister is still not bothering about Kashmir. Maybe the PDP delegation led by Haseeb Drabu will bring some reaction from Delhi. Drabu and Ram Madhav were after all the architects of the PDP-BJP ‘alliance’.

Omar Abdullah has already voiced for demand of Srinagar in the list of “Smart Cities” and has PDP done anything to back him?

How will the sliding of lands between Srinagar, Jammu and Delhi be connected? As of now, even Jammu and Srinagar appear to be in different situations rather than part of the same state: There have been simultaneous banners of “thank you, JNU,” in Srinagar and “with you, BJP,” in Jammu.

The PDP, too, is divided down the middle, where they are so close in making a fresh Government but still cannot. As a senior PDP leader says, “If the partnership with the Congress was a comedy of errors, the relationship with the BJP has been a tragedy.” Delhi needs to go deeper into the psyche of a woman orphaned, for whom her beloved father was God. If and when Delhi fathoms the depth, the alliance could be back on track without concessions necessarily on AFSPA or hydel projects.

Surprisingly villagers are in full support for those who tackle with our security forces is another issue to be worried upon. If in the 1990s the ratio of militants was 80:20, which the opposite now Whereas, militants present in kashmir are mostly Pakistanis, in the Valley they are motivating the youth, which should be a matter of concern. Burhan Wani, who has become something of an icon, roams free in Tral, which is the hub of Kashmiri Sikhs, despite a reward of Rs 20 lakh on his head. The Srinagar-Jammu highway is said to be closed for the past four days not because of militants but stone-pelters. They hoping for the return to 1989.

As of now, the state is in Governor’s rule, which means Delhi has to answer for everything the state is going through. It is time for the leadership both in Delhi and J&K to work together and focus on the this issue rather than ignoring it.

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