Is no one from Kashmir appearing in KAS exam this year?


The Valley is burning, and with the now almost two-week-long fire, has it burned the desire for those in the valley to appear in the prestigious KAS exam? It remains to be seen and honestly, speculating that those in the valley may or may not take the exam owing to the delicate and raw situation is not an attempt at creating a divide between the two regions of Jammu and Kashmir.

The curious case stems from the fact that J&K state machinery, of which KAS officers are an integral part, is composed largely of people from the valley. A militant’s death has juddered the valley so much that the administration has had to shut itself down. The ensuing violence from Burhan Wani’s encounter has brought on camera faces, which have condemned India, spewed the most potent venom against the country and have demanded secession from her.

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If one is to check the per capita income (PCI) of different states and Union Territories in India, Jammu and Kashmir sits comfortably on number 10 with a PCI hovering very close to Rs 60,000 per person. Now one has to imagine how a state which ranks at 29 in ease of doing business, has barely any profitable industrial units, and relies mainly on trading can have such a high PCI.

The answer lies in the inflow of heavy funds from the mother country, India. It is known on record that most of the funds are consumed by the valley and it is an incontrovertible fact that 75 percent of the taxes are paid by Jammu. These are not figments of imagination but quotes from JK Assembly’s most recent session.

It is another fact that most riches are controlled by a ‘particular’ section in the state. Please consider that the sectional reference is not towards religions, lest you dismiss it as a Hindu-Muslim rant.

Having mentioned the high PCI, it is going to be curious considerations that need answering.

Are those in the valley ready to forsake the comfort of the high PCI that is further bolstered by being in an administrative job such as the prestigious KAS?

Will those, who are pelting stones today, not write the KAS exam tomorrow?

Will any funding that should ideally reek of being Indian be boycotted by the secessionist voices?

When the answers to these considerations is no, then why put up a brave face in front of gun toting soldiers?

Or, the more important question that Kashmir is firmly and frequently accused for – Are all of the above and more a pretense that only says, more funds please?

Whatever the answers to these seemingly trivial questions, those in the valley would more or less be writing the Kashmir Administrative Exam, even the stone-pelting rebel. The cycle is not vicious. It will maintain its momentum after just a small bout of inertia.

Quoting a post from a famous IAS officer’s facebook post, “For Kashmiris, “India” is like a father who sends money but never comes home.”

The reality looks different, however. India is a father that has spoilt Kashmir.

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