Is the bifurcation of state only option for Kashmir and Jammu to live in peace

There seems to be no option for people of Jammu but suffer as India is not able to protect those living on the LoC or International borderThe recent AIIMS controversy, and beef fiasco which has divided Jammu and Kashmir has lead to a feeling among people in Jammu that it is not possible to survive with anti-Jammu and valley centric politicians of Kashmir. The failure of the political leadership from Jammu to represent the cause of the people, and take stand which represents the interest of the Hindus and Dogras and even Muslims and Gujjars of this province has led to strong disillusionment.

People are now forming an opinion that it would be better if Kashmir and Jammu provinces are bifurcated and separated so that these two areas which are different in terms of language, religion and ethnicity are able to live in peace and comfort. Neither the people of Jammu have affinity with people of Kashmir nor they have any truck with the plains. The feeling of adversity, and opposition is mutual with Kashmiris wanting to ensure their hold over the entire state including Jammu which is not acceptable to people here. The balance of power has remained in the hands of Kashmiri politicians with the support of Delhi, and they have done nothing but promoted discrimination at all levels, and wherever it was possible.

Majority of Jammu based politicians have served as stooges to their masters in Kashmir, and the result has been suffering, and ignominy for the people of Jammu. In the recent election, the people of Jammu had voted BJP to ensure the yoke of Kashmiri imperialism could be thrown off but much to the shock and surprise of the people, the party joined hands with Kashmir centric, and pro-separatists PDP to form the government, and since then has been outmanoeuvered and outplayed by the wily Mufti Mohd Sayeed, and his men.

The AIIMS controversy, beef issue in which PDP, NC and Congress have tacitly supported engineer Rashid’s beef antics has shocked the Jammu region. The people as such have no other option but now to think about splitting from Kashmir as there is no cultural or any other sort of affinity which binds us together. Perhaps the time has come for calling a spade a spade, and demanding the division of state which could ensure people from Jammu region can at least breathe in free space.

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