Is the BJP and PDP finally headed for a split?


As the Kashmir Valley continues to boil for over two months, there are speculations that the BJP-PDP alliance is heading towards a breakup. The demand for the Governor’s rule in the state has increased, especially after the resignation of senior party leader Tariq Hameed Karra.

Opposition parties, separatists and hardliners on either side termed this alliance as unholy and opportunist, when both the parties decided to join the hands and form the government in February  last year.

Political experts are saying that after several failed attempts to save this unsuccessful ‘marriage’, the relationship is  heading for a divorce. Because both the parties are disenchanted and disappointed with each other and both want different things from life, quite like an annoyed couple.

But when you are in politics you also want to score political brownie points and gain as much sympathy as you can from the masses. As such, both PDP and BJP may actually be waiting for the right moment that will ensure they get the maximum sympathy and support from their voters alongside reducing the damage and criticism to the least possible extent.

Earlier, senior party  leader Mehboob Baig openly demanded resignation of chef minister Mehbooba Mufti and now the resignation of Karra  might look quite normal at this moment but this is just the lull before the storm.

Political Pundits are also saying that now Mehbooba is getting marginalised on both fronts. How Delhi views her as a leader is not entirely clear since Mehbooba, a known soft-separatist in her opposition days has shifted stance too swiftly. Her supporters in the valley see her as someone who has deserted them and the cause of Kashmir for power. For her political survival, Mehbooba has little choice but to walk out of this alliance.

It is also important to note that Mehbooba has no senior people in the government to advise or support her, she is managing the state all alone in this time of crisis.

BJP’S dilemma is not unclear to anyone. The local leadership lost ground right in the beginning of the alliance when the former Late Chief Minister was leading the way. Their inexperience has shown and in this time of turmoil, centre has had to literally walk in at every event to safe face. Almost two years of perpetual criticism has further led to the erosion of the vote-bank in Jammu which initially stood behind it in the December of 2014.

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