Is the idea of a new regional political outfit a viable option for Jammu

With people of Jammu not satisfied with the performance of the ruling BJP whom they had supported with all their might, and both Congress and NC remaining more aligned with interests of Kashmir the civil society in Jammu is toying with idea of forming a regional political party which will fight for the cause of Jammu. A couple of long standing Jammu based political leaders, including former ministers, and MLAs of mainstream politicians have also supported the idea of creating a regional party which caters to the needs, and aspirations of the people of this region.

The failure of the coalition government to deliver on West Pak refugees issue, setting up of AIIMS, and the recent Beef controversy has shaken the faith of the people in existing political parties whether they are in opposition or in the government does not matter.
The idea of a new political outfit has been sounded out with a number of social and other business outfits, and the result sources said has been very positive as most of the people in Jammu want that a political outfit which speaks their voice, and fights for their concerns should be formed. The people think that BJP though a nationalist party has compromised too much for strategic reasons, and has let down the people of Jammu on several fronts. There are also talks that Jammu Kashmir Panthers Party could merge with the proposed new entity however Panther leaders are not ready to give up their identity. The real reason which has forced the idea of setting up a new regional outfit is that BJP being in power has preferred not to take very pro-Jammu stand on various issues which has irked the huge support base, and forced people to look for newer options. Both Congress and NC have not helped the people, and Panthers does not have the support base and acceptability to represent the entire Jammu region.

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