Is the J&K government shielding bureaucrats from their crimes?


Jammu and Kashmir

JAMMU, Apr 29: Due to non-effort from the Government, the lack of coordination and delay in taking decisions on almost all the orders of the High Court continue to prevail in majority of the departments.

During the past several months, the Jammu as well as Srinagar Wings of the High Court have been compelled to frequently issue orders seeking personal appearances of the senior officers including those of the rank of Administrative Secretaries.

Even the Chief Secretary, head of the bureaucracy in the State, has received personal appearance notices in both the wings of the High Court in numerous PIL.


The High Court, in a number of orders passed in Public Interest Litigations, has said that they are compelled to call the personal appearance of the officers who have showed the laid down structure for months and years together and who sit over files for a long time without any justified grounds.

The delaying on the implementation of the orders of the High Court is notwithstanding the fact that High Court has granted sufficient time to the bureaucrats on the pleadings of the Law Officers/Government Advocates.

When nothing changed, the High Court is now compelled to seek the personal appearance of the officers for willfully disobeying the orders.

Shockingly, the Government has not learnt any lesson from repeated personal appearance notices to take corrective steps to ensure timely implementation of orders and to avoid embarrassment, official sources told a local daily that, no exercise has been initiated till date to overcome the lack of coordination and delay in taking decisions.

Pointing towards the lack of coordination, sources said, that generally the concerned departments don’t receive the copies of the orders of the High Court from the concerned Law Officer/Government Advocate on time and this leads to delay in filing of timely response.

In order to ensure proper coordination between the Law Officers, Law Department and other Departments, a proposal was initiated several months back for creation of Legal Cells in all the departments on the pattern of Planning and Finance Wings but the proposal is still yet to be started, added the source.

And also said that, if such cells have been created there would have been proper coordination and embarrassment for the Government in the form of personal appearance of the senior bureaucrats could have been avoided.

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