Is the J&K govt deliberately delaying the regularization of ReTs?


Srinagar, December 21: “There are nearly 10,000 Rehbar-e-Taleem teachers working in the Jammu and Kashmir State for more than five years but the government has failed to regularise them,” alleged one of the teachers who has been serving now for a little over four years.

The government surprisingly is still in the process of verification of their degrees while having held ReT Teacher’s regularisation for a long time.  Anger has been brewing among ReT teachers and they are now considering to come on roads.

According to the chairman of the J&K ReT Association, Farooq Ahmed, “The process of verification started in June this year. Nearly 65,000 ReTs across the state submitted their degree certificates with their respective Chief Education Officers, designated as the Nodal Officers for the verification process. It has been over six months but the verification is still in process which government promised to complete in seven days.”

Farooq added that the association wanted to know that how many ReTs have acquired degrees from shady institutes.

The state government has failed to regularise the Rehbar-e-Taleem teachers working in the State for more than five years.

The order for the verification of dubious degrees held by ReTs was issued by the state government following the directions of the Jammu and Kashmir High Court which asked it to conduct a screening test of those teachers who are in possession of suspicious testimonials. Meanwhile, the state government has put a ban on the recruitment of ReTs till the verification process is complete.

However, a senior official of the Education Department has said that the process is going on and it will take some more time. He also assured that the regularisation of the ReTs who had been working for five years or more would begin soon.

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