Is there a need to restore Old Assembly Complex?

Jammu and Kashmir

Srinagar, April 18: The Old Assembly had a Durbar Hall similar in character to the House of Commons in Britain and it had one of the finest galleries of exquisite art works in the State in the modern history.

The Old Assembly experienced an important period of reform during the budding constitution of the state.

The government should emphasize upon the need to preserve these as marks of Jammu & Kashmir’s great historical past.


Minister for Rural Development, Law and Justice, Abdul Haq, yesterday called for rebuilding of Old Assembly complex as heritage monument as it carries the finest art work of that time.

Abdul Haq said this while inspecting the old assembly complex on the Banks of River Jhelum. He said last year the then Chief Minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed visited the place and called for converting old assembly complex into heritage monument.

Haq said the the old Assembly complex as a “huge treasure trove” and said the state government will take all the necessary steps to conserve this heritage monuments, which is the jewel of the state.

He also stressed on the need for improvement in the condition, strength of the Old Assembly Complex.

He directed the officials to be in touch with INTACH who will further inspect the project so that the government can move ahead with the proposal.


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