ISI paying the Kashmiri youth for ISIS flag waving- Investigation reports

Uneasy calm has risen in Kashmir lately with recent incidents that have left the general public scared. Numerous mobile tower attacks were followed by incidents in which ISIS flags were waved. Investigations that have been conducted reveal that the youth is being paid to wave these flags, by Pakistan. It is being said that two youth are believed to be behind these incidents. Pakistan has been paying the two to wave flags at selected locations with public and media glare.

The Police has been probing into these cases and the investigation are on at the moment. A police officer however, assured that they will be able to get a correct picture of the whole scenario soon.

The Kashmir issue is very close to ISI’s heart, so clearly, any trouble or chaos that happens there is formulated and created as part of the agenda. The now and then incidents of terror and chaos keep the pot boiling in Kashmir, and that is what the organizations intend. Some get paid so as to keep peace away from Kashmir and to keep the rage going on and to some extent these incidents also create a sense of fear in public. The dreaded ISIS has arrived in Kashmir, is how they want to convey terror among people. The flag waving also serves the organization’s purpose of creating diversion. The ISI has launched it proxies in the form of Hizbul Mujahideen and the Lashkar-e-Toiba to create havoc. These flag waving incidents tend to divert the investigating agencies from the already existing organizations and chase a non-existent ISIS.  In its motive to ignite chaos in the valley and keep peace away, ISI has been successful in creating diversion at the least. Every major terror incident is being followed by ISIS flag waving lately and investigators tend to lose track of dealing with the real incident in the course of chasing the minor trouble makers who inflame the whole event with flag waving.

ISI with these tactics, also shows support towards the separatist groups and organization in Kashmir and there is already a considerable amount of local support towards these groups. The false propaganda of the ISIS targets to earn more and more support by ensuring that the locals come out and support ISI sponsored groups.

With inputs from One India.