ISIS on a recruiting hunt in India


The dreaded terror group, ISIS that has massacred thousands across the globe, is on a recruitment hunt in India now. Targeting youngsters, particularly young India Muslims, through social media sources, ISIS is on a recruitment spree to establish a Caliphate. Indian intelligence agencies have identified a few Indian handlers who track and intercept youths planning to leave for Turkey and then cross over to Syria to join ISIS. In an interview with Mail Today, one of these youngsters spoke about these handlers. He said that they radicalize Muslim youth on cyber space and then facilitate their travel to Syria. Two of these handlers are suspected to be from Gujarat as per Intelligence Agency reports and many Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan based Indians are also repeatedly trying to lure the Muslim youth into joining the group.

The identities of these handlers are however, being withheld since the agencies are still monitoring their movements. Another handler of Indian origin was a former member of terror group Mujahideen, who hails from Bhatkal in Kartnataka- Sultan Armar Shah- who reportedly died while fighting for ISIS. While speaking to Mail Today, another youth from Hyderabad revealed the identities of two people. He said that one of the handlers, was on Facebook under a pseudonym and his profile says that he stays in Mosul, Iraq. The person revealed that he is Gujarat and gave him an Indian number, after which he stayed in regular touch with the boy. Revealed reports from these youths also tell that they had common contacts as well, and they would get all the updates on Syria. “They would send us ISIS videos and also convinced us to join,” added one of the youths. Another one told that one of the ISIS handlers had a Facebook account with a Hindu name. His profile said that he had converted to Islam and he sent him Rs 53,000 from Dubai. His real identity was revealed later and he told that he is from Bhatkal, Karnataka. He added that he was sent another 1 lakh from someone in UK.

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