Why isn’t there any reduction in the transport fare yet?



Citizen Journalist Kaashifa Khan

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The price of petrol and diesel has come down nearly 25 per cent in the last six months but unfortunately the fare still remains the same. Many protests have been held by various committees lately but the government doesn’t seem to be paying any heed to the public appeals and protests. There has been a steep slash in the petrol and diesel prices but there is no relief to the common man. When there is a rise in the petrol prices the transporters don’t hesitate putting forth their demand of hike in the fare rates by 30- 40 % but now that the petrol prices have slashed drastically nobody from the department has cared to release a new list with reduced fare charges. The authorities are keeping mum despite the raging protests held by the public and various local political organizations. The demand for reduction is growing loud lately and the government should look in to the matter immediately before the matter grows worse. Despite the reduction in the petrol prices by over 20 rupees, the public is being fleeced with the unjustified and illogical fare. What is the benefit of the falling crude prices if the common man still suffers and the transporters continue to loot them openly.

I appeal to the concerned authorities and the government to not put our pleas in cold storage. Necessary steps should be taken with immediate effect and the public should be relieved from this exploitation. I also intend to request the people of Jammu to raise their voice against the injustice and not give them the liberty to exploit you with their unfair means. The concerned authorities should consider the matter  before the people intensify their agitation against this exploitation.