It has been 23-years when JK Police had rebelled and asked for ‘freedom’

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For the self-sacrificing, brave and forever patriotic Police of our state, 28th of April marks a very important day. Thursday, i.e., today signifies the completion of 23 years of Operation Police Control Room. The Director General of Police, Jammu, K.Rajendra Kumar was the SSP in Srinagar at that time, when the police officials marched with their arms in air from the Lal Chowk to the United Nations office in Sonamarg.

Op Control Room

It was the time when the police force in the valley took to the streets and rallying slogans of Freedom, Aadhi Roti Khaayenge, Kashmir ko azad Karwayenge!!

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One thing led to the other and the situation in the valley deteriorated. The army had to put up against the police. According to a report in a national daily’s local edition, One of the army officials on the condition of anonymity said that the JKAP(JK Armed Police) forces’ 11th wing was where the protest started. The dissent among the police forces started on the 21stApril at the Hazrat Bal Dargah where the army allegedly shot one of the constables, Riyaz Ahmad of the JKAPD. Some accused that the constable was working with a terrorist organisation and hence the army had shot him. It is also believed that the army at the mosque was attacked by the militants prior to the death of the police constable. And after the army shot one of the policemen, the other officers of the 11thwing of the JKAPD started the protest.

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Riyaz Ahmad

The revolting offices then took over the control room and many efforts were made to resolve their anger, but nothing seemed to worked. The then SSP of the city was also transferred thinking it might save the trouble, but all in vain. The DGP at that time, B.S. Bedi, who was on a vacation that time, was immediately called to valley. The rebellious policemen then took the State Home Secretary as their hostage.

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Meanwhile, the army Brigadier, Pandeya, was given the responsibility to handle the city-wide crises and make peace with the protesters. The policemen at that time were in no mood for talks and did not wish to step back and the situation could have led to mass bloodshed.

The army officials soon came up with a plan, wherein one group of army men was sent in from the front gate of the Police Control Room Building. Expecting the possible invasion only from the front door, the rebels didn’t expect the army to be present at the back door too. And on 28th of April, 1993 at about 4 in the morning, the army finally found their way into the building. With nowhere to run, and surrendering being the only option left, the rebels were taken over by the army and as many as 1500 of them surrendered without the loss of a single life.

The DGP and Army Brigadier could not believe the clean sweep of this operation.


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