It is Kashmiri Pandits vs MLA Langate Engineer Rashid

Jammu and Kashmir

As reported widely now, MLA Langate, Engineer Rashid, who is famous for his fiery remarks against the Indian establishment, has once against added fuel to fire in the burning issue of Kashmiri Pandit resettlement in the Kashmir valley. He further

As shown on Headlines today, MLA Langate said, “They are determined to make Kashmir another Palestine. What is the need for that? If you claim that 80 percent people have voted, Hurriyat people do not have a mass support. People are in peace! So when people are in peace who is stopping the Kashmiri Pandits from coming and settling in their homes, in their native places. What the hell is going on!”

He was furious in mentioning, “If you are creating another state within the state, then I will also demand s different state for myself: This (resettlement in separate colonies) will not be allowed.”

As it is, the Kashmiri Pandits have not taken this renewed controversy well and protested furiously against Rashid in various parts of Jammu.