‘It is my son’s wedding, so take a holiday’; School headmaster gives off



Here is an imaginary conversation

School Staff to Headmaster (SSH)

Congratulations on your son’s wedding. It is indeed a matter of happiness for your family. The whole staff extends their wishes for a happy married life of your son.

Head Master (HM)

Thanks very much. I would request all of you to attend the wedding. Please do come.


In this time of happiness, would you be so kind to announce a holiday for your son’s wedding. It is getting really hot these days.


Sure, it is my son’s wedding, so take a holiday from my side.

Now the conversation above is a work of fiction and is not intended at any person, alive or dead. Any resemblances are completely co-incidental.

However, this also raises a serious concern.

Education Minister  Naeem Akhtar directed the suspension of entire staff of the Govt High School, Bhagla in Bharath area  of district Doda. The reason – the school was closed in view of marriage of Headmaster’s son.

None of the school headmaster’s in the state of Jammu and Kashmir command the authority to allow a holiday because of a personal celebration in their families.

The School Headmaster in this case, Sayeda Anjum, without seeking directions from any senior declared closure of the school on Tuesday. Obviously, there was no need to worry about the studies of over 300 students of this High School in a remote area of Doda.

Is this because the school has been churning out toppers for the state year after year? The question does not merit a response either.

It was only after the village Sarpanch rang up the Minister for  Education, Naeem Akhtar, elaborating on the unschduled closure and the reason behind it that the Minister directed the Director School Education Jammu Smita Sethi and DC Doda to take cognizance. All the staff was suspended. Also, the Chief Education Officer Doda, M S Rather was asked to hold inquiry into the matter and report back immediately.

What is even more unbelievable is that the school had even posted a notice for closure in view of marriage of one Touseef Ahmed (Headmaster’s son) pasted on the wall of the school on the direction of Headmaster.

This matter came to notice because it was brought to notice. There are many such cases which go unnoticed because at most times interested parties collude and the sufferers are the students.

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