It is the rash drivers that cause accidents


By Citizen Journalist: Parveen

Jammu: Now a days, news about the road accidents happening in our state in which many people lose their precious lives is getting more common than ever. Some of the other accident happens almost on a daily basis. Our state J&K is mostly located in the Himalayan range and has mountainous roads with steep curves, deep gorges. This week, a bus fell in a gorge at Udhampur in which many people lost their lives.

The authorities should remain very alert to prevent these kind of mishaps by conducting regular checking of the vehicles plying on the different routes of the city especially the vehicles on far flung, rural routes as these buses, matadors are mostly overcrowded. The overcrowding happens because of a severe lack of numbers of transport vehicles. Besides overcrowding, the drivers drive very rashly causing risk to both the passengers and themselves travelling in their vehicles.

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