It took the Govt teacher 18 years to prove that he is alive

Jammu and Kashmir News

SRINAGAR:   In a one of a kind revelation, that pin points the levels of corruption embedded in the roots of the civil administration in state, a ruling Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) MLA claimed that it took a teacher 18 years to prove that he is not dead in the Government records.
The PDP MLA, Raja Manjoor Dar, while discussing the Budget 2016-17 in the Legislative Assembly, brought up the case of a teacher named Hashim, who hails from Kernah in North Kashmir, and under mistaken identity was declared dead. In order to correct this blunder, he went from pillar to post, but due to the dishonesty and inefficiency running deep in the Government offices, it took him 18 years to finally prove that he is alive on papers.

Talking about the need to make Government officials accountable, the MLA said that if the State wants to progress there is an urgent need to improve on the delivery system of its administration. The eradication of corruption from its very base is what will help in the development of the state and nation at large.

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