It was not just anti-India slogans; much more happened on match day


This is Part 1 of a 3-part series

U4UVoice got through to some students at NIT Srinagar and asked a few questions which many people across India want to know. You can watch the video here to listen to what this student has to say about the night of 31st March. If you have a connectivity issue, scroll down for the details provided by the student. Care has been taken to not affect the meaning of what is present in the video.

What actually happened on 31st March?

‘The following is the text of what the speaker in the video says.’

As soon as India lost the match, outstation students living in the hostels heard noises of celebrations where even crackers were being burst. There were a few Kashmiri students (from different districts in Kashmir) who study and live with us in the hostels were also bursting crackers.

With all this going on, we also got the news from the hostels for 1st and 3rd year students that the outstation students had been locked inside their rooms by the Kashmiri students coupled with Pro-Pakistan slogans. These Kashmiri students were abusing the non-locals and repeatedly saying, “your India has lost! You are Indians, you won’t be able to do anything here (in reference to being locked)!”

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Following this the locals and non-locals clashed. The Tawi-Hostel shares its boundary with residential area and stone pelting at the hostel started from here.

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It is important to note that each hostel has a security guard assigned to it. Almost every non-local student beckoned upon the security guards about the situation and on that night particularly, there was no guard available and those who were around chose not to respond to distress calls.

Incidents like these have happened here time and again, be it a hockey match or a cricket match where India loses, or anything untoward that happens within India. The pro-Pakistan elements get activated on all these occasions.

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If Pakistan beats India in a match, the non-locals feel as though they are in a Pakistani region. This, when all of this is an Integral part of India and most of the students here belong to the Indian territory and they are Indians by heart.

All of this later turned into clashes between locals and non-locals. The locals were happy that India had lost and this did not go down well with the non-local students from all the states who reside here.

It is alright that India lost but atleast they made it to the semi-finals, Pakistan could not even do that. The hearts of the non-locals beat for the tri-colour and this is why we raised the slogan – Bharat Mata Ki Jai, which led to action the next day. The non-locals approached the administration with the reports of the incidents but the administration gave us a cold shoulder. The rest you know!


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