It was technical glitch that shut mobile internet again!


he administration had restored 2G mobile internet services after a shutdown of twelve days on 16 August 2019. But it again got suspended the next morning. The subsequent suspension of mobile internet led to further speculations. Many people started rumour mongering. There were rumours like something is going to happen and that’s why internet has been suspended again. The result was panic among the people in Jammu as they thronged the petrol pumps to be prepared for any emergency.

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Many in Jammu believed that there has been a bomb blast in Kashmir in which several people died, whereas, there was a rumour in Udhampur about a bomb blast in Jammu. Moreover, there was a rumour in Kashmir that something untoward is going to happen in Jammu and speculations were even there about a massive protest rally in Poonch. But all these were not even close to be true.

But the truth is, as the Divisional Commissioner Sanjeev Verma has clarified, that the mobile internet again got suspended due to a technical glitch as it was started after a gap of twelve days. He further assured that the work on its restoration is going on and it will be restored as soon as possible. It was also added that a strict action will be taken against the rumour mongers as they are responsible for any disturbance in Jammu province which has behaved maturely and remained peaceful largely.