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Italy to adopt new law to transform stadiums

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Stadio_Sant'Elia_-Cagliari_-Italy-23Oct2008Rome : Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Angelino Alfano has announced that a “revolutionary” new law is to be adopted to transform stadiums.

Clubs in Italian Serie A and B have complained for many years they have to rent stadiums from the local council as the current laws make it very difficult for them to construct their own stadiums, reported Xinhua.

Alfano revealed Monday that at a Lega Serie A meeting that actions will be taken to satisfy the clubs in this regard.

“Tomorrow the government will present an amendment to the stability law that regards sporting structures,” he said.

“It will be a revolutionary presentation with three main principles: the first is the possibility to build sporting venues even using private capital, the second regards a cut through the bureaucracy that slows down operations, while the third regards the possibility of opening new structures and commercial activities inside these venues,” he said.

As the Italian clubs generally do not own the stadia, they could not gain much match revenue and cannot rent out property for bars, restaurants or shops. It also means the stadiums are closed for the rest of the week.

Juventus is the first Serie A club to own a stadium, and Inter also plan to build one on their own.

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