Its Official, BJP has lost popularity in Jammu


Its Official, BJP has lost popularity in Jammu
Image Courtesy: Early Times News

Jammu, February 02: Jammu has always been the core constituency for Bhartiya Janta Party and 13 months ago, it has received a massive mandate in Jammu by winning  25 out of 37 seats, Sadly, the  party is now becoming unpopular here only.

For evidence, the poor attendance of people in the BJP’s so-called ‘Vikas Sushashan Sankalap’ rally. Though it was organized in the heart of Jammu city on Sunday with much fanfare. The venue of the rally was Geeta Bhawan, which is located in the Jammu East Assembly constituency, once considered a stronghold of the BJP. The choice was made after keeping various aspects in consideration.

The BJP leadership is already aware of the fact that BJP is losing its popularity in Jammu and hence they do not want to organize this rally on a bigger ground so that if there is a poor attendance, it would not be noticed by everyone. The compound of Geeta Bhawan  was not big enough to accommodate more than 500 people. But the empty chairs in the meeting was something nobody has expected.

The party even fail to motivate even 500 persons to attend the rally which was shocking for state BJP leaders.

Sources said that the reason for this fast-dwindling popularity of the BJP is that it abandoned the people of Jammu and made a coalition government with the fundamentally Valley-centric, PDP.

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