It’s raining discounts for air travellers as prices go as low as Rs 899


Why take any other mode of transport when taking a flight to the desired destination can be a low-cost affair. With airlines offering discounts and fares going as low as Rs 899, this lean season after the holiday period could spill good news for both travellers and the airline business.

But, IndiGo is ahead in the race of giving discounts and is offering tickets at Rs 899, the availability of which is from May 8 to May 10 The offer is on select domestic routes like Mumbai-Goa, Ahmedabad-Mumbai, Chennai-Port Blair, Guwahati-Hyderabad, Mumbai-Guwahati, Jammu-Amritsar, Delhi-Udaipur, Kolkata-Agartala among many others. Passengers can travel on these tickets from June 1 to August 31.

However, the special rates are for shorter sectors like Bagdogra-Guwahati which will cost a passenger the lowest price announced by the airline. Other routes include Agartala-Kolkata and Ahmedabad-Mumbai and the prices range from Rs 1,599 and Rs 1,299, respectively.

On May 5, Jet Airways celebrated 24 years of its service and gave a 24 percent discount to passengers. During this one-day sale, prices were reduced by 24 percent on the base rate of economy and premier air tickets for international routes, while domestic travelers received 23 percent off on select destination on first-come first-served basis. The validity of special fares is for individual bookings and will come in to effect from June 16, 2017.

Another competitor in the discount game is SpiceJet that offered flight tickets such as Rs 1,189 for Delhi-Jaipur and Rs 1,642 on Mumbai-Ahmedabad.

GoAir came up with prices such as Rs 1,699 for Ahmedabad-Pune and Rs 1,950 for Delhi-Jammu.

According to an Economic Times report, the aviation industry was facing a difficult time after a 15 percent hike in airfares, rise in fuel prices which resulted in expensive air tickets. This also brought down the seat occupancy rate and only an 18.6 percent traffic was recorded in the March period as against last year.

The move of the airlines to cut down prices can benefit the domestic sector as the sale will drive higher growth for the sector.

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