J&K: Two Policemen held hostage by a criminal; rescued


Jammu: On Tuesday police conducted a raid in order to arrest an evading criminal,against whom the court has issued an arrest warrant the at Subash Nagar Jammu.Two police constable were given the task to apprehend the evading criminal.

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When policemen reached the spot, criminal Ashwani Kumar ran and hid in his housed and locked the room. When policemen forced him to open his door, He took them by surprise and attacked them and locked them in the room along with him.After that, he started beating them brutally.

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As,soon as Police got the Information that the two policemen were held hostage, the administration dispatched more force to tackle this hostage like situation.

When police reached the place where two policemen were held hostage, Ashwani Kumar surrendered and two policemen were rescued.

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