J&K Bank rethinks and acts; Social media applies pressure

Dogri, Ladakhi Language missing from JK Bank’s customer support

Jammu, Feb 10: If an ordinary customer needs assistance, he makes a call to the customer care number of the corresponding organisation. The welcome statement of the J&K Bank website very humbly states, “J&K Bank functions as a universal bank in J&K and as a specialised bank in the rest of the country.”

But if the ordinary citizens and customers of the esteemed J&K Bank, hailing from Jammu and Ladakh region had to enquire, they’d only get confused, annoyed or even feel neglected. The reason, being that the automated answering system of the J&K Bank Customer Care has enabled Urdu, English and Kashmiri languages leaving out other prominent languages: Hindi, Dogri and Ladakhi ‘Bhoti’ which reflects their sheer ignorance. A rhetoric viral message circulated on Whatsapp that alleged the esteemed bank to have insulted Indians.


U4UVoice talked to the concerned authorities at the J&K Bank to know their stance on this matter. “Around 9 months back, we received directives to implement this system. The deadline issued by RBI had left us with relatively less time than the needed for implementation of the system which requires vast technical work and quality assurance checks.”, said the bank official. Upon asking why didn’t they consider including other prominent languages spoken by a vast segment of our State, the official said,”To meet the deadline, we had to implement this system in a hurry. To cater to maximum people without defaulting, we quickly implemented the system with languages: ‘Hindustani’ i.e Hindi and Urdu mix, Kashmiri and English.”


Now that the problem faced by various customers has come to the cognizance of the bank authorities, Shouldn’t it follow through accordingly? The bank official said, “We have already been working on this for a couple of weeks, but there’re a number of technical tasks and processes involved  before it comes into effect.”. The bank assured that within a month, Dogri, Hindi as well as Ladakhi Language will be incorporated in the existing system. The bank official said, “We are on the verge of finalising the task. In only 4-5 days, Dogri will be incorporated in the answering system and come into effect. Bhoti language choice too will be available to the customers within a month.” He added, “The recording and other technical work is presently being carried out in Jammu.”