Jaipur to host conference to understand thread-barely the trending trinity of media, market and mimesis


The Society for Analysis, Dialogue, Application and Action (SADAA) and SS Jain Subodh PG College, Jaipur have collaborated to organize a three-day International Conference starting from January 27, 2015, on the theme “Media, Market and Mimesis: Trending Trinity”.

According to conference organizers, the consubstantial hypostases of media, market and mimesis make a trending trinity of the present juncture where the copy earns more than the original, and where ‘selfies’ are the paramount promotional pranks for the self, and there issues need to be explored.
The conference has taken up topical issues the tree important realities that inter-play and inter-penetrate one another in subtle and obvious ways to effect world and social life. “The forces of market and media construct our everyday reality and determine its representation,’ informs the concept note of the conference.

The conference will dwell on the effects of the dramatic change in the landscape of media, with the emergence of social media and blogs, with the fall of walls between media and mimetic texts, renderings or performances, with the erosion of genre specific domains, the act of resembling, the act of expression, and the presentation of the self, narration, narrative, narratology performance, portrayal and picturization have completely transformed.

Moreover, ‘Writing the Unreadable’ and ‘Speaking the Unlistenable’ phenomena in media and mimesis; ‘Tongue and Teeth’ relationship or the ‘Is’ and ‘Is Not’ substitution between media and market, media and mimesis or market and mimesis need to be understood, explored or investigated to make sense of the world we inhabit and our life in it and the conference is likely to significant contribution towards this aspect of modern life.

It is pertinent to clarify the term ‘trend’ which often refers to a hype and a following created by market forces through media and advertisement. The market trends, technology trends and cultural or social trends are viewed as measurable changes in behaviour that develops among a population segment due to interplay of media and market forces at particular time period. The notion of mimesis, which is regarded as an imitative artistic represent of social reality generates potentially contradictory dentitions and view-points, will be also be crystallized during the conference.

It is hoped that pertinent and tangible recommendations will come out of conference to be on the alert and not fall prey to the trending trinity media, market and mimesis.

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