Jammed mobile networks on Independence Day irritate phone users in Kashmir


mobiles1Independence day in Kashmir bring many security restrictions to the people of Kashmir out of which jamming of mobile networks is the worst one.

Snapping of mobile networks is a routine of this day in Kashmir and it affects one and all. However, there are some department for which mobile networks are as important as anything – for much of the work is carried out with phone.

Among all the departments, health department is worst hit by the unnecessary mobile network ban of 15th August,” says Shoaib Khan, a medico.

Emergency can arise anytime and at that time it is must to have a mobile phone but on days like today patients say they face a lot of problems.

“Patients require medicines or food and need to contact their family members but today they couldn’t do the same as from early morning the networks were barred, “he adds.

Ayesha, who was here for the delivery of her daughter needed important things from home in the morning but couldn’t manage to get as all the entry points were sealed and networks were jammed.

“I hadn’t got all the things required for delivery so I wanted to call back home to arrange them but there was no network to make call. I managed on whatever little things I could arrange from here and there at hospital,” she says.

Since mobile phones and internet technology has made people dependent on it, people say that work cannot be carried out properly if phones remain jammed.

Doctors say that due to network jamming people cannot contact specialist if emergency arises.

“We have so many cases where we missed out on our patients as network was snapped,” says Dr Parvez, another doctor.

Apart from network problems doctors face other issues as well which include making their way through deserted roads.

“I was stopped many a times on my way to hospital. Even though I showed my card to paramilitary forces yet they stopped me at many points and I was also asked to change my route,” Dr Parvez adds.

Lubna Reshi

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