Jammu: 14 year old boy chained for two days to teach him a lesson

A 14 year boy, Ashfaq  R/o of bathindi, Jammu was forcibly being sent  to a religious Institute for gaining education. He did not like to go to this place and would run out and vile away his day on the streets of Bathindi.


His teacher and his parents were tired of his practice of running away daily and decided to teach him a lesson in harsh sans illegal way. His teacher and parents decided to teach him a lesson by chaining him outside the institution. He has been in chains for the last two days.

Yesterday, a local resident clicked the photograph of the boy chained outside and the picture went viral on Whatsapp. Thereafter, the photograph dragged attention of Police authorities.

Today, police launched a rescue operation to set the child free. A team led by S.I Mukhtar reached the spot Where child was tied up and rescued the child. Now, a few child activists are pointing fingres at the parents for treating him in this manner.

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