Jammu: 25 hair chopping incidents reported so far, people throng hospitals to see the victims


Jamm: Panic gripped parts of Jammu after reports of a ‘mysterious force’ cutting off the hair of women in the area spread across the district.
Such was the state of panic that women in Jammu rushed to quacks and tantriks to seek divine protection against such incidents.

According to police, the matter came to light after three women under Samba police station area of the district complained about their hair being cut off by unknown persons.
“First, a woman in the morning claimed that somebody cut off her hair while she was working in the farm. She claimed that she fell unconscious after the incident. Later, another woman said that she fell down on her way to her house and when she woke up she felt her hair being plucked off,” the police official said, adding that jitters spread when a third woman also complained of ‘evil spirit’ cutting off her hair.
The localities told Media Sources that women fell unconscious and were rushed to the hospital. The panic-stricken villagers rushed women to tantriks and organized religious ceremonies including bhajans and kirtans.

The local administration sent a team to the hospital but said that such reports are both unfounded.

“We have not come across any plausible reason on ‘forces’ cutting off the hair of women. We will speak to women to get a clear picture of the incidents,” an official said, adding that no police report has been filed yet.

However, the reports of hair being cut off inflamed fears of ‘evil spirits’ tormenting the village.

As soon as the news spread, the villagers in large numbers began thronging temples and tantriks and sought help from the gods.

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