Jammu Airport authorities clarify on child care rooms


Authorities of Jammu Airport today denounced media reports mentioning pathetic state of child care rooms at the Airport while referring to a tweet from a passenger.

“Airports Authority of India, Jammu Airport denounces this report in unequivocal terms as the comments of the passenger are absolutely incorrect and unsustainable. Child care rooms in departure hall and security hold area have been provided as per approved upgradation plan of terminal building. These are being maintained in the best conditions and to utmost satisfaction to our guests”, a spokesperson of Jammu Airport said.

He said each child care room has been provided with tasteful & pleasant interiors to the liking of users and having attached wash rooms, sofas, soft toys, cozy sitting arrangements, table for baby care, electrical kettle and other amenities with special focus on care needed for infants and toddlers.

In addition to these, he said, free baby strollers have also been provided since May 2018 for the convenience of mothers travelling with infants. “However, as an endeavour to provide a pleasant customer experience we would never hesitate to improve facilitation for kids and passengers as an when brought to our notice by the travelers/stake holders”, the spokesperson added.

The news of pathetic state of child care rooms at Jammu and Srinagar airports was circulated yesterday by Press Trust of India

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