Jammu Airport Snack Bar fined 1 lakh for selling overpriced juice


Jammu, October 05: Jammu District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum has directed the owner of Suruchi Point Snack Bar running inside the Jammu Airport and the director of Airport Authority to deposit one lakh rupees as fine for selling Del Monte Juice for hefty prices and duping the consumers.

The complaint was filed by one Ashok Gupta to whom Suruchi point sold a can of Del Monte Juice for rupees eighty. The actual cost of the can of juice is Rs. 30.

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Court comprising Shahzad Azeem and Veenu Julmaria on Monday was convinced that Suruchi Point Snack Bar has exploited the public and hence has no right to keep and misappropriate the public money and it must go back to the public. The court said that the sum of Rs 1 lakh deposited by the owner of Suruchi Point Snack Bar shall go to the J&K High Court Legal Service Authority (LSA).

The court also directed the Snack bar to compensate Ashok Gupta with Rs. 10,000.