Jammu: ‘All four of my car’s wheels were stolen’

With police failing to provide an answer to the growing number of vehicle wheels’ theft cases in Jammu, the racket has continued to face the brunt of thieves who are stealing wheels from vehicles.

Today morning a car with all four wheels stolen was seen near Bagh-e-Bahu. Maruti SX4 car bearing number JK02AF 5151 was parked on the roadside by putting bricks and stones beneath the vehicle.

Well, this is not only a single case of wheels’ theft in the city. last month only, the wheels were stolen from vehicles parked outside the Pacca Danga police station, near the Deputy Commissioner’s office, Chatha police post and many other places. However, police have failed to arrest the gang of thieves.

The problem does not end here. Jammu city do not have so many parking lots. Hence, the people have no other option than to park their vehicles on the roadside and thieves are taking advantage for their situation and are removing wheels from vehicles without getting caught.

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