Jammu and Kashmir: 12 terrorists raid policeman’s house in Shopian

SRINAGAR, March 7: In yet another incident of terror in Jammu and Kashmir, it has been reported that as many as 12 terrorists carried out a raid at a policeman’s house and proceeded to ransack it thoroughly, virtually trashing the establishment. The house is located in Shopian and the attack had been carried out on Saturday, but the news of it has started filtering in now. The people affected had been too terror-stricken to take the complaint to authorities initially as they feared being attacked again. Militants have been targetting policemen in Kashmir as they have been maintaining law and order despite repeated protests welling-up in the region. Militants have warned cops to not obey orders from their superiors and to let the situation deteriorate.

A number of attacks have been carried out by Pakistan-based terrorists who have targetted both the citizens as well as armed forces stationed in the area. Pakistan has increased its anti-India rhetoric and is constantly sending militants it has trained into Kashmir to carry out these attacks. However, India, in a break from the past, had carried out surgical strikes across the line of control (LoC), after the horrific Uri and Pathankot terror strikes, and managed to kill some 40 terrorists and a few Pakistan armymen. This humiliation has led Pakistan to try and save face by increasing attacks in India.