Jammu and Kashmir BJP Cabinet ministers to be reshuffled soon

Jammu: The state government has failed on many fronts which has led MoS to take decision to reshuffle their ministers within the party. As per reports by highly placed sources of this local daily Deputy Chief Minister Dr Nirmal Singh has become the main target of this reshuffling.

A review meeting held by a couple of senior leaders from New Delhi to assess the performance of the BJP ministers placed in J&K Government has revealed the truth about their incompetency. These ministers have failed miserably to deliver upto expectations of public and senior leaders as well on various matters and under circumstances where their political wisdom was required. They are just occupying cabinet berths for nothing. People have shown severe criticism against these ministers and now the MOS lobby has decided to change the present set up.

In a separate meeting with the party leaders at the centre, MoS group has reported that in a number of meetings and at individual level that these party cabinet minister of state have played the role of silent spectators which has not only affect the party’s image on various fronts but also favored the alliance partner PDP.

They also alleged that the Deputy Chief Minister and the other senior cabinet ministers are least bothered about party’s image and are only working towards safeguarding their positions in the ministry. They are serving their own interest because of which the party is losing its credibility in Jammu.

The sources also said that the MOS group is now in wait of appropriate time and  announcement of the reshuffle in the minister can happen soon.

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