Jammu and Kashmir tending towadrs anarchy?



beef ban jammu kashmir liquor ban

Jammu and Kashmir has been brawling since the controversial Beef Ban bill was passed in J&K High Court. Every nook and corner of the state has been witnessing protests and political parties are banking on the divide instead of doing their  best to calm the situation. Amidst communal difference in the ideologies of the residents of the state, law finds itself lost!

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When legislators are breaking the laws, what can be expected from the normal ‘janata’. Yesterday, JK assembly saw outrage of emotions wherein the party men exchanged physical blows. If the firangis banked upon the Hindu-Muslim divide, today’s politics has been reviving that ghastly time. With legislators defying law, it won’t take long for Jammu and Kashmir will turn into a complete puppet state.

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