Clashes witnessed between protesters and Police on Day 2 of Jammu shutdown in Indra Chowk


Clashes were reported in parts of Jammu on the second day of shutdown and raging protests against the government for not sanctioning a separate AIIMS for Jammu region. The Police had to resort to Lathi Charge and this has further escalated the situation. At the time of reporting the skirmish, between the cops and the activists who were stone-pelting, has led to the breaking of wind screens of many vehicles in the area. One of the ACC activists told U4U Voice, “Though we were moving in a group towards City area, we were doing so peacefully and we tried talking to the cops to allow us to move ahead. The police had cordoned off the area and they were not allowing us to move which is why some members from both the sides lost patience and now this has turned into a tense situation.”


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