Jammu based businessman to present wall hanging carpet with Modi’s portrait


The immaculate portraits PM Narendra Modi and former CM J&K Mufti Mohd Syed that we see here are in fact weaved into carpets!

Exclusive Kashmir carpets that’ll blow your mind ! Know how it’s made

Designed by the Shalimar Carpets, Bari Brahmna Jammu these carpets designs are intricate and a work of wonder. U4UVoice talked to Sh. Rakesh Bhat, Director of Shalimar Floorings Pvt. Ltd about the wonderful carpets.


How is this even possible?

It’s a german technology – which can make machine knotted carpets.

How can it weave such intricate designs?

An image that ought to be weaved into carpet is first designed pixel by pixel on a computer. The precision lies in creating a fine image with the use of the software on a computer machine.

Then the weaving machine fetches the information from the software and begins weaving the same design in the carpet.

How much time does it take to prepare one such carpet?
The software designing part takes 3-4 days and the weaving to make a carpet of this size can take 20-30 days.

Wow! This is some technology!

Yes! In fact this is one of its own kind and only one such in our state of J&K. I guess there are around 6 in total all across India. It’s similar to the famous Belgium carpet that we now have in our state also.

What’s the average price of carpets made using this technology?
When produced in bulk, the price ranges from 100-150 rupees per square feet. But single order can cost you 500/- or more per sq feet.