Jammu wants to see BJP delivering on its poll promises in the CMP


The PDP and the BJP are gearing up for a structured talk followed by the CMP to be approved by both the parties and the saffron party is under pressure as the people of the Jammu region intend the party to uphold the aspirations of the public.

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Numerous Jammu based social and political groups have asked the BJP to ensure assimilation of all its poll promises in the common minimum program to be finalized by the party. The ongoing dialogue between the two partners to stitch an alliance is not pondering over the issues to be incorporated as per the aspirations of the Jammu residents who led to BJP’s unprecedented victory. The credibility of this alliance hence is still under suspicion by many party leaders as well as the local people of the region.

The BJP has sought  a mandate from the electorate of the Jammu region on the basis of the sensitive demands of the people that they have been wanting the government to incorporate. The election promises of the party included incorporation of demands like the appointment of the CM from the Jammu region, state subject or permanent resident rights to west Pakistan refugees and resettling the refugees from Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir. The electorate of Jammu voted for the party counting on these election promises made by the party. The public intends the party to incorporate these  terms in the CMP so that they can live with dignity and honor unlike so far.

JPUF has announced that they are to organize a peaceful protest march from Panjtirthi chowk to the Press Club, Jammu to express solidarity with the aspirations and mandate of the people of Jammu. The front claims to fight for the rights of people. Other state leaders have also been questioning the BJP over the silence maintained by the party with regard to components of the proposed CMP being finalized with the PDP.

The BJP had made several promises in the vision document that the party released during the elections. The people hence gave a massive mandate to the party on the strength of the promises . BDP has been exploring new ways and means for the government formation but the relevant concern of the public is the matter of withheld promises. The public fears the pertinence of the most awaited government could cost them hefty as the expectations are too high and the public doesn’t want their hopes to crumble in the name of adjustment and finding a common ground. The public sentiment has henceforth to be kept in dignity before the party decides on the CMP.

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