Jammu Chemist Association protests against Govt.


Discontent among Chemist shop owners; Protest against Govt. move to open new medical shops in Hospital premises


All Medical Shops Association headed by Naveen Bali held a protest demonstration in Bakshi nagar area today. The protesters expressed resentment over the Govt.’s move to open 57 medical shops within the premises of all the Govt. hospitals in the Jammu district.

“There are ample Medical shops queued outside the Bakshi Nagar Hospital, selling the medicines at fair prices. It appears unreasonable to open shops inside the premises that’ll offer medicines at higher prices affecting both their businesses and the bills of ailing customer. This move will directly affect the livelihood of 2000 families”, said one of the disgruntled medical shop owners.


Protesters allege that all the shops have been allotted as a collusion between outsiders and authorities. Meanwhile, reports are pouring in that Jammu Chemist Association will go on strike.



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