Jammu city comes to halt, succumbing to incessant rains and floods


IMG-20140906-WA0017 copy

Jammu city has come to a halt pertaining to the incessant rains and flood like condition created by increasingly swelling Tawi and Chenab river. The bridges providing connecting links in between the city have been shut down since morning when Tawi crossed the danger mark and it affected the working of many offices and banks throughout the city. Banks have been shut down as bank officials could not reach the banks located across the shutdown bridges. Also working officials and business men who had to travel through bridges have been unable to reach their respective offices and businesses. Traffic jams have spread throughout the roads, further worsening the situation. Various rescue operations are in action throughout the city. Yogi gate are has been ordered to be evacuated. People are advised to stay at home and avoid travelling near the flood prone areas.

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