Jammu: DC Office recieves 90 applications for putting up cracker stalls this Diwali

Jammu: After the order by DC Office Jammu, which sates that one has to apply for a permit to open a crackers stall this year. The applications for the permit has started coming to D.C  office. According to rule one can only open a stall at selected areas viz-a-viz Channi Himmat, Sanik Colony, Muthi, Birpur, Domana etc.

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As per guidelines, one can only set up and open a cracker stall just 5 days before diwali. According to the sources, till today 90 applications have been received by the District Office for the permission to set up a cracker stall. Though this number is less then number of  permit issued last year but this is expected to rise as Diwali is approaching.

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