Jammu: Dead body at ware house identified, family claims a murder


Jammu, March 6: The dead body found behind Ware house on Thursday morning has been identified as a 22 year old boy, Suresh Kumar. His family informed that the boy had been missing from home since 2 days before his murder. They also demanded justice for the mishap.

“On 2nd March morning he was doing pooja at house when he got a phone call. He left the house in slippers and didn’t return back. We filed a complaint in the Police Station on the same day. Today morning, we again went there for an update.” Suresh’s brother, Balwinder Singh told News agencies.

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He said that the body was identified after watching the video on social media. “My brother informed me about a dead body behind Ware House. The Police officials contacted the Ware House workers and confirmed it as Suresh’s body.”

“His 4-5 friends must be knowing where and for what purpose he went that day. Also, he had a fight with a Gujjar 2 months back where he got brutally beaten. Maybe the case is related to this matter.” He added

Suresh’s family demanded justice saying “This is a murder for sure. We want the Police to investigate the matter and punish the culprits.”