Jammu Doctor saves life of an Air-hostess on-board


Jammu girl, a doctor, Anchita Pandoh turns guardian angel for an air-hostess on a flight from Auckland to Kuala Lumpur. She saved the life of an air-hostess by treating her as soon as she fell unconscious and within a short span of 10 minutes, she opened her eyes. Saurabh Kumar, IRS, husband of this brave doctor from Jammu narrated this incident on his Facebook account:


“#MedicalEmergencyInAir! On board #MalaysiaAirlines flight #MH130 from Auckland to Kuala Lumpur, barely one hour after take-off from Auckland, we were having our lunch. Suddenly I saw an air hostess rushing to the front compartment of flight with an oxygen cylinder. It was surely a case of medical emergency. Soon we heard the captain asking for any Doctors in the flight. The only person in the flight who promptly responded to this call was my wife Dr. Anchita. We rushed to the front compartment and found that an air hostess had fallen unconscious and other flight attendants were trying to help her. Anchita took charge of the situation. Flight crew provided her medical equipment available in the flight. I was worried if the patient didn’t recover then flight would be forced into an emergency landing. Going by the location of flight, touching Australia would have taken two hours and returning Auckland would have taken one hour. However, with Anchita’s efforts the patient started responding and she opened her eyes. Seeing this all passengers started clapping and cheering. Later the captain came to our seat and thanked her profusely. I felt so proud of my wife.”

Following this, Dr. Jitendra Kumar lauded Dr. Anchita and tweeted, “”Gratified to learn that Dr Anchita had been my student when I taught as Professor of Medicine. Proud of you Anchita!”




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